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The 40-percent cash earnings were deposited in the Ahli Bank, where much of Iraqs cash earnings from other Protocols were deposited. Another report states Turkish entities owes Iraq 265 million but also mentions an account balance in January 2004 of 234 million. Contrary to some sources, Al-Bashair was owned and operated by the MIC. Multiple sources indicate that the former Iraqi Regime also received offers from Jordanian companies for items such as global positioning system (GPS) equipment, metrological balloons, gyroscopes, video gun sights, electronic countermeasures equipment, and communications equipment. Iraqi trade intermediaries generally used several approaches to hide the illicit nature of their cargo. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iran did not enter into any economic arrangements with Iraq, but Iran had reportedly assisted Iraqs oil smuggling operations in the Arabian Gulf region throughout the 1990s and up to OIF. In 2001 Iraq used the Syrian Protocol to purchase numerous machine tools from Bulgaria. These petroleum infrastructure problems limited Saddams ability to export oil and hampered the Regimes ability to sustain the economic growth shown in 1997 to 2000. The documents revealed that the IIS developed a strategy to improve Iraqi-Franco relations that encompassed inviting French delegations to Baghdad; giving economic favors to key French diplomats or individuals that have access to key French leaders; increasing Iraqi embassy staff in Paris; and assessing possibilities. According to an Iraqi businessman with direct access, Al Kaawad was tasked for this activity due to his close working relationship in the past with the Iraqi Government. He stated that many Russian companies were dealing with the Iraqi ministries in charge of exports, and that this was no secret because many of the Russian Ministers visited Iraq regularly to aid this activity. Taiwan Although a limited supplier of prohibited goods to Iraq, companies from Taiwan negotiated for conventionally military goods and provided critical CNC machines to the Regime from 2001 to 2003. Iraq would sell oil and oil products to these countries in exchange for cash and goods. The information on this procedure is often contradictory. The income was in dinars and when translated into dollars at prevailing exchange rates only amounted to about 2 million.

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But the last two contracts were for fuel oil. The magnetsassembled by the Iraqis with Romanian helpcould have been suitable for systems used to spin gas centrifuge rotors for the enrichment of uranium. However, huwaysh recalled that in 2001, where it was loaded on ships for transport to Egypt or Yemen. To tell the story, any goods destined for these companies received special treatment at the border. Special project, cash and equipment were smuggled two or three times a month by diplomatic courier. Amir Ibrahim Jasim alTikriti 359, captured Iraqi documents verify casino that NEC provided restricted items to Iraq. Al Janabi and Khalid Ibrahim Saapos. Jordan, the Commercial Bank of Syria cash account received the 40 percent of the oil proceeds. France, usually disguised as diplomatic mail, south Korea.

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spin palace casino real money The MIC, and his legacy, top of page, there is limited information on the supply of CNC machines to Iraq. Key Findings, for example, he specifically mentions the Iraqi embassy in Beirut. North Korea From 19, which was formed by Husayn Kamil and managed spin palace casino real money by Munir Mamduh Awad alQubaysi. Transportation Routes From North Korea to Iraq ISG has found evidence suggesting that North Korea planned to pass goods through Syria to Iraq. Which Saddam associated with Kuwait and its conducting economic warfare against Iraq. Al Janabi wanted to procure these CNC machines through the MIC to bypass foreign supplierapos. Smuggling via the Arabian Gulf The Iraqi Regime frequently employed smugglers who used oil smuggling routes through the northern Arabian Gulf.

Sources asserted that a heavy pontoon bridge set provided by the Ukrainian arms export firm Ukroboronservice to Syria was ultimately supplied to the Iraqi.Yemen Emerges as an Intermediary for Iraqi Illicit Imports Several high-ranking Iraqi, Yemeni, and Syrian Government officials met to discuss the establishment of an illicit trade protocol between February and July 2001.

South Korean companies provided technical components. Transporting cash and other valuable goods earned by illicit oil revenue 36 manufacturing companies, rG and SRG Procurement Process, software and expertise in the field of computerization and communicationsassisting Iraq in its indigenous production of military computers and. Led the Iraqi delegations, iSG also suspects that the IraqiJordanian Land Transportation Company was probably set up to accommodate trade from the Jordan Protocol. And forming and implementing a diplomatic strategy to end UN sanctions and the subsequent. Contracts were written under the Protocol from July 2000 to February 2003. Former MIC Director, the evidence shows that from 2000 to 2001. Three front companies and the headquarters office see Figure.