Darren Rodwell, Leader, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.Of cvits citizenry, town cvi(s) citizen -ts -ty 2 City/Streetscapes See Also: places Alleys open and fall around me like footsteps of a newly shod horse Frank OHara The ancient oaks arched over the avenue like a canopy John Kennedy Toole See Also: trees The.Middle English cite, from Old French, from Latin cvits, from cvis, citizen ; see kei- in, indo-European roots.

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That guy is dull city.Sir Terry Farrell, Founder, Farrells, tY enables us to give developers a better understanding of how we want to do business and the opportunities available in our borough.TY was recently used at the heart of a major mock incident planning committee using the platforms ability to simulate emergency scenarios and visualise outcomes.

A large or important town.(Government, Politics Diplomacy) any large town or populous place.Discussions with the emergency services for integration are underway.