Inspired by the Summer Olympics, I led the "Punctuation Games" for a client yesterday.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Old Saxon, Old High German jar, Old Norse ar, Danish aar, Old Frisian ger, Dutch jaar, German Jahr, Gothic jer "year from PIE *yer-o-, from root *yer- yor- "year, season" (cf.I will write again in a few days' time!

1981, May 5 1718-PDT, Jim McGrath, Earliest Usenet use via Google Groups:.Every punctuation guide on my bookshelf promotes that usage as correct., if you need someone to proofread the punctuation (and other details) in your writing, please contact my partner, Scribendi.Avestan yare (nominative singular) "year Greek hora "year, season, any part of a year also "any part of a day, hour Old Church Slavonic jaru, Bohemian jaro "spring Latin hornus "of this year Old Persian dušiyaram "famine literally "bad year.